Types of 2021 Replacement Windows

Types of 2021 Replacement Windows
Let’s say something happened to a window in your house. Or perhaps you just don’t like it; something doesn’t quite feel right. You want (or need) to replace it. What’s the new window going to be? How will you choose? What’s right for your home? At Elite Gutters and Sunrooms, we’re more than happy to share our list of what makes the right window right. One of those is the material: we find vinyl windows to be superior to other forms of window, and as such only do vinyl windows.

Window Styles: Fashion vs. Practicality

Some windows look nice and fancy, but aren’t nearly so great for day-to-day use. Others might be a little drab, but work well for general living, rather than invitationals. Which one you choose is up to you. So let’s get started.

Single-hung Windows
First off, we have single-hung windows. It should be noted that single-hung and double-hung (which we’ll get to later) look identical. […]